Our Story

Aapplemint was founded in 2007, as an ode to simple, home-conceived, delicious recipes that we all grew up on. It started off as a food blog, sharing simple home cooked meals that transitioned to healthier alternatives to mass-produced unhealthy concoctions, paying attention to nutrition and use of quality ingredients. It celebrated the passion of baking and joy of cooking through the sourcing of local seasonal produce to pull together gob-smacking dishes.


Kajal Tejsinghani, the founder and visionary behind this idea wanted to create a platform to advocate for clean eating. Her travels to Ethiopia, Ghana & Hong Kong challenged her palette but brought a versatility and excitement to her cooking, enabling her to look beyond the usual suspects, within her kitchen.

Through Aapplemint, she attempted to bring the fun back to food, with mouth-watering and delectable gourmet cookies- that are made with a whole lot of love.


Aapplemint cookies were born, from Kajal’s creativity and passion, bolstered by the unrelenting enthusiasm and encouragement of friends and family.

Cookies were always a favourite in the Aapplemint household, but the shift came about when she wanted to make healthy cookies for snacking and she successfully got her son to eat a cookie made entirely of almonds, when he wouldn’t otherwise touch nuts. Suddenly the healthy cookies were in demand at home and soon by all who tasted them. She decided it was only fair to try her hand at an online store, to make these available to all who craved home-baked, delicious cookies.

Made with Love

We are extremely mindful about what goes into all that we create. We use high quality ingredients sourced locally and from around the globe. Through this venture and our firm belief in global sustenance, we have aligned ourselves with local vendors who produce farm-fresh, organic produce in an attempt to promote minimal waste and preserve our eco-systems. Thus creating the right balance between locally sourced handcrafted cookies with international flavours. We at Aapplemint, ensure we use no preservatives or stabilizers. All our products are kid-friendly and guilt-free. Our products are freshly home-baked and put together with a whole lot of love, time and care.